Sunday, September 14, 2008

Tales of Topographic Posters

Gosh, kids, it occurs to me — here's a way to help you understand.

See that Consumers poster up top? The one that we posted up everywhere, all over Phoenix and Tempe and Scottsdale, Arizona? Where it was all so clean and pristine that it would stick out like a sore throbbing fuckin' thumb, because there was nothing going on that wasn't so mainstream that it would ever occur to anyone to put a flyer on a telephone pole near a record store, much less on a record store window? Because it wouldn't have looked right. Because record store windows had posters, official posters, from official promoters, who let you know when the big Peter Frampton/Ted Nugent/Rick Derringer concert extravaganaza was due to hover over town and then move on....what the hell was a flyer? Only losers would make up their own flyers, right? And they'd at least try and make it look decent. Or if not decent, then at least as much like the cover of a Yes album as possible, depending on if they had a sister who could draw stuff with her set of pastels....

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