Friday, September 12, 2008

Debbie Dub, Al Simon, Clear Bob, Charlie Monoxide, Sharon Ehle

Debbie Dub was there. (I think she was supposed to contribute to Browbeat, but it didn't happen. She did contribute to Slash, though the current archive doesn't mention her. (Let's see, I remember for a fact she did a review of Althea and Donna's "Uptown Top Ranking," among other things... somebody'll eventually find that issue somewhere, and post it on the internet, and there she'll be...though my memory is she did stuff for a couple few issues. Hey, Debbie, you were always a great gal, and I hope you're alive and well and glorious.

Al Simon was there. Al was a genuinely great guy, really a special person, and he was absolutely part of it all. Genial as hell, a good photographer who often did something great, and just one of those people who everybody actually likes. Which was a big deal, really, because we weren't actually going out of our way, most of us, to be very damn likeable. Plus, notably, he was black, one of 17 or so black folks in Phoenix (well, one of about six or seven who lived north of Indian School Road and south of Sunnyslope, definitely. Al was totally there, and I hope he's still here. Totally.

Hey, and I just heard from Clear Bob! Dang!

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